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Make your supervision project easier!



• Inspection / Application Form Submission and Approval

•  photo and video recording(Support 360 photos and videos)

•  project progress

Testing and Measurement Application Form


engineering log

• weather conditions

•  equipment and staff deployment

•  Construction site activity photos

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Employee Attendance Records

• employee information

•  Staff attendance records and numbers

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Construction Safety Report

• Construction Safety Checklist

•  safety performance record

•  photo and file management

•  follow up work list

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Site cleaning test report

• daily/weekly cleaning checklist

•   photo(Support 360 photos and videos)

•   cleaning detection performance

•  follow up work list

VIR function

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The VIR function can present the progress of the entire project in front of your eyes at different points in time.

By adding 360° all-round pictures and videos on different timelines, coupled with real-time GPS positioning, it provides a better management experience for the management. In addition to greatly improving the transparency of construction, this function allows management/clients to easily monitor the entire project. Clearly grasping the entire construction progress is also helpful to connect the entire project and ensure that the information is accurate.

•  Visualize/view your construction progress with pictures/videos on the timeline

•  Improve construction transparency

•  real-time GPS positioning

•  supports 360 photos and videos


ESIA (Electrical Engineering Inspection System) is a software solution specially designed for the construction industry. It digitizes inspection forms, construction safety reviews, engineering logs, environmental cleaning and employee attendance records, saving you manpower, time and cost. This innovative solution can connect customers, contractors and consultants together on the cloud platform, and serve as a centralized management document library, you can check the records anytime and anywhere, which helps you optimize the management of the inspection process.



All users can stay in touch via the Internet and collaborate seamlessly in a virtual office. Greatly improved efficiency, accuracy and well-covered data. Easy retrieval, saving manpower, paper, cost and time. Instantly search for any site work information, site daily activities, inspection procedures, staff deployment and key information, etc. Finally, it helps realize data integration and information exchange, so that engineering personnel and management can know the progress and performance of the project in real time.

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